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Allopregnanolone EIA Kit, Monoclonal Antibody Based, K061-H –

• “Pregnenolone-progesterone-allopregnanolone pathway as a potential therapeutic target in first-episode antipsychotic-naïve patients with schizophrenia” (09 Feb 2018)


Butyrylcholinesterase Fluorescent Activity Kit (2 Plate), K016-F1 –

• “Effect of rivastigmine on plasma butyrylcholine esterase activity and plasma ghrelin levels in patients with dementia in Alzheimer’s” (14 Feb 2018)


Corticosterone CLIA Kit, K014-C –

• “Cutting Edge: De Novo Glucocorticoid Synthesis by Thymic Epithelial Cells Regulates Antigen-Specific Thymocyte Selection” (09 Feb 2018)


Corticosterone EIA Kit, K014-H

• “The effects of mining machinery noise of different amplitudes on the behaviour, faecal corticosterone and tissue morphology of wild mice (Mus musculus)” (24 Feb 2018)

• “Developmental Lead Exposure and Prenatal Stress Result in Sex-Specific Reprograming of Adult Stress Physiology and Epigenetic Profiles in Brain” (21 Feb 2018)

• “Sex‐Specific Mechanisms of Resistance Vessel Endothelial Dysfunction Induced by Cardiometabolic Risk Factors” (16 Feb 2018)

• “A Happier Rat Pack: The Impacts of Tickling Pet Store Rats on Human-Animal Interactions and Rat Welfare” (15 Feb 2018)

• “Validation of water-borne steroid hormones in a tropical frog (Physalaemus pustulosus)” (02 Feb 2018)

• “Ozone modifies the metabolic and endocrine response to glucose: Reproduction of effects with the stress hormone corticosterone” (31 Jan 2018)

• “Role of 11β-HSD type 1 in abnormal HPA axis activity during immune-mediated arthritis” (31 Jan 2018)

• “Bioelectronic modulation of carotid sinus nerve activity in the rat: a potential therapeutic approach for type 2 diabetes” (14 Jan 2018)

• “Faecal corticosterone metabolites assessment in socially housed male and female Wistar rats” (04 Jan 2018)

• “Uterine Artery Flow and Offspring Growth in Long-Evans Rats following Maternal Exposure to Ozone during Implantation” (21 Dec 2017)


Cortisol EIA Kit, K003-H –

• “Glucocorticoid-endocannabinoid uncoupling mediates fear suppression deficits after early – life stress” (21 Feb 2018)

• “Association Between the Levels of Stress Markers and the Onset of Kangaroo Disease (Lumpy Jaw Disease) in Captive Kangaroos” (13 Feb 2018)

• “The human fetal adrenal produces cortisol but no detectable aldosterone throughout the second trimester” (12 Feb 2018)

• “The effect of a commercial feed additive on the immune-metabolic axis, liver function and predicted carcass quality in purebred Angus steers” (01 Feb 2018)


Creatinine Serum Detection Kit, KB02-H –

• “Renal scattered tubular-like cells confer protective e ects in the stenotic murine kidney mediated by release of extracellular vesicles” (19 Jan 2018)

• “N-acetyl cysteine increases cellular dysfunction in progressive chronic kidney damage after acute kidney injury by dampening endogenous antioxidant responses” (10 Jan 2018)


Creatinine Urinary Detection Kit, K002-H –

• “Cancer Biomarkers” (01 Feb 2018)

• “Association between human exposure to heavy metals/metalloid and occurrences of respiratory diseases, lipid peroxidation and DNA damage in Kumasi, Ghana” (27 Dec 2017)


Cyclic AMP Direct EIA Kit, K019-H –

• “Amyloid β-induced impairments on mitochondrial dynamics, hippocampal neurogenesis, and memory are restored by phosphodiesterase 7 inhibition” (20 Feb 2018)


Estradiol Serum EIA Kit, KB30-H –

• “Trio a novel bovine high-fecundity allele: II. Hormonal profile and follicular dynamics underlying the high ovulation rate” (07 Feb 2018)

• “Trio, a novel bovine high fecundity allele: III. Acquisition of dominance and ovulatory capacity at a smaller follicle size” (07 Feb 2018)


Glutathione (GSH) Fluorescent Detection Kit, K006-F –

• “Biomarker responses of Peromyscus leucopus exposed to lead and cadmium in the Southeast Missouri Lead Mining District” (29 Jan 2018)


Goat anti-Mouse IgG, A008 –

• “In-house monitoring of steroid hormone metabolites in urine informs breeding management of a giant anteater (Myrmechophaga tridactyla)” (02 Feb 2018)

• “Challenges, pitfalls and surprises: development and validation of a monoclonal antibody for enzyme immunoassay of the steroid 1α-hydroxycorticosterone in elasmobranch species” (31 Jan 2018)


Goat anti-Rabbit IgG, A009 –

• “In-house monitoring of steroid hormone metabolites in urine informs breeding management of a giant anteater (Myrmechophaga tridactyla)” (02 Feb 2018)

• “Challenges, pitfalls and surprises: development and validation of a monoclonal antibody for enzyme immunoassay of the steroid 1α-hydroxycorticosterone in elasmobranch species” (31 Jan 2018)


Hemoglobin Dual Range Colorimetric Detection Kit, K013-H1 –

• “Chronic consumption of a low calorie, high polyphenol cranberry beverage attenuates inflammation and improves glucoregulation and HDL cholesterol in healthy overweight humans: a randomized controlled trial” (23 Feb 2018)


Histone Demethylase (HDM) Fluorescent Activity Kit, K010-F1 –

• “Compromised JMJD6 histone demethylase activity impacts on VHL gene repression in preeclampsia” (24 Jan 2018)

• “The Dynamic Role of Jumonji C Domain Containing Protein 6 in Placental Development and Disease” (01 Jan 2018)


Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Colorimetric Detection Kit, K034-H1 –

• “Localization of lipopolysaccharide from Escherichia Coli into human atherosclerotic plaque” (26 Feb 2018)


Oxytocin EIA Kit, K048-H –

• “Biologically validating the measurement of oxytocin in western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) urine and saliva using a commercial enzyme immunoassay” (08 Feb 2018)


Progesterone EIA Kit, K025-H –

• “Characterization of estrous cycles and pregnancy in Somali wild asses (Equus africanus somaliensis) through fecal hormone analyses” (29 Jan 2018)


Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) EIA Kit, K051-H – 

• “Regulator of calcineurin 1 modulates vascular contractility and stiffness through the upregulation of COX-2-derived prostanoids” (05 Jan 2018)


Testosterone EIA Kit, K032-H –

• “Condition dependence of structural plumage coverage in Indigo Buntings Passerina cyanea” (01 Feb 2018)


Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Colorimetric Detection Kit, K024-H – 

• “Targeting Murine Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Kidney Injury Molecule-1 Improves Their Therapeutic Efficacy in Chronic Ischemic Kidney Injury” (15 Feb 2018)

• “Establishment and characterization of an immortalized human hepatocyte line for the development of bioartificial liver system” (12 Feb 2018)

• “Attenuated Macrophage Infiltration in Glomeruli of Aged Mice Resulting in Ameliorated Kidney Injury in Nephrotoxic Serum Nephritis” (03 Feb 2018)

• “Impact of the Oral Adsorbent AST-120 on Organ-Specific Accumulation of Uremic Toxins: LC-MS/MS and MS Imaging Techniques” (28 Dec 2017)

• “Leucine and glycine dipeptides of porcine placenta ameliorate physical fatigue through enhancing dopaminergic systems” (20 Dec 2017)

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