Arbor Assays is Proud to Support the Warrior-Scholar Project

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Arbor Assays is proud to support the Warrior-Scholar Project at Yale University for a second year. We provided the Warrior-Scholar Project with Cortisol EIA Kits (K003-H) for use in the second week of the program during the Hormones and Behaviors course. In this course, participants are exposed to different factors influencing how humans and other animals are affected by stress. The course teaches students how to run experiments, proper lab etiquette and techniques, and protocols for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, experimental design, and to think critically about the mechanisms structuring human physiology, morphology, and behavior. The course is held at the Yale Reproductive Ecology Lab with the support and collaboration of professors Claudia Valeggia and Richard Bribiescas.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute Lab


About the Warrior-Scholar Project
The Warrior-Scholar Project is a 2-week long transition program, currently funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for active-duty veterans who are interested in pursuing a college Education. The Warrior-Scholar Project provides veterans with skills they will need to develop productive studying habits and to excel in their undergraduate careers and beyond.

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