Now Available!: 2′,3′-Cyclic GAMP Direct ELISA Kit (384-Well Plate)

In May 2018, Arbor Assays released the world’s first Cyclic GAMP ELISA Kit for STING signaling research. The 96-well plate kits (K067-H1/H5) allow researchers to easily measure 2′,3′-cGAMP in samples.


By customer request, we are pleased to announce the release of a 384-well plate format (K067-H1D) for the popular Cyclic GAMP Direct ELISA Kit. The kit provides the same dynamic range and sensitivity, with a higher screening potential.

  • Sample Type: Cell Lysates, Tissue Extracts, and Tissue Culture Media
  • Standard Range: 50 – 0.205 pmol/mL
  • Sensitivity: 0.08 pmol/mL
  • Sample: Low volume; up to 183 in Duplicate

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