• Super Sensitive Measure < femtogram
  • Fast 1 Second Read Time
  • Calcium Detection Intra- and Intercellular Ca2+ Detection
  • Option Option with No Calcium Chelators Available (L001C)
  • Stability Up to 24 months at -20ºC
  • Standard Curve
  • Description

    Recombinant bioluminescent photoprotein from the jellyfish, Obelia longissima. The photoprotein is approximately 21,000 molecular weight and contains the luminescent substrate, native coelenterazine, and oxygen bound to the protein. Upon addition of excess calcium ions that fill the three calcium-binding sites, the oxygen reacts with the substrate to yield a rapid flash of blue light centered at 485 nm. This emission reaches a peak in less than 100 msec and decays in less than 1 second.