Reproduction Publication #2 – Estradiol

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Arbor Assays’ Tools for Animal Husbandry

Exact timing of hormone treatments is critical for synchronization of the estrous cycle to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy loss in farm animals. Furthermore, levels of pregnancy-related hormones are closely monitored to assess the efficacy of artificial insemination (AI) hormone treatment, which is a vital tool for livestock management.

In a recent study, Lopes et al. investigated the utility of these hormone treatments on fertility in dairy cows, measuring post-treatment follicular estradiol levels using the DetectX® Estradiol ELISA kit from Arbor Assays. The study yielded a clearer understanding of the role prostaglandins play in the bovine reproduction, contributing to development of more efficient AI protocols and better reproductive management of livestock.

Arbor Assays’ reproductive hormone assay kits are uniquely designed to meet this challenge and many others in reproductive biology research. Specifically, our estradiol, progesterone, and prostaglandin assay kits are widely used for reproductive hormone monitoring in livestock and wildlife conservation studies. Each kit is cited in a variety of publications, can be used in multiple species, and is validated for use in a variety of sample types.


Estradiol Serum ELISA Kits
KB30-H – Citations

Estrone-3-Glucuronide (E1G) ELISA Kits
K036-H – Citations

K022-H – Citations

Pregnanediol-3-Glucuronide (PDG) ELISA Kits
K037-H – Citations

Testosterone ELISA Kits
K032-H – Citations


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