Human Atlas Project

A searchable website providing a Tissue-Based Map of the Human Proteome. The current knowledge regarding the human proteome is summarized, achieved through antibody-based methds combined with transcriptomics analysis across all major tissues and organs of the human body.… » Read More

Wildlife Assays

A home-grown website of information related to assays used in Wildlife Conservation studies.  It also contains a run down of General Lab Protocols (Extraction Protocols, Plate Coating, etc.) and Lab Math (Sample Dilutions, Extraction Efficiencies, and Normalization calculations).… » Read More

Veterinary Medicine Austria

A special issue of the Journal Veterinary Medicine Austria resulting from the 3rd Annual (2012) ISWE conference in Vienna, Austria.  There are both new information articles and comprehensive reviews, including papers from many of the keynote speakers focusing on broad issues in endocrinology. … » Read More

International Society of Wildlife Endocrinology (ISWE)

• Mission – advance the field of wildlife endocrinology by promoting stronger inter-disciplinary collaboration among wildlife and conservation biologists to optimize animal health, reproduction, and welfare in support of global conservation efforts.

•Vision – provide an international forum that facilitates the exchange of information and development of collaborative wildlife endocrine studies.

» Read More

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