The Allopregnanolone ELISA Kits, K044-H & K044-C, have been discontinued

Our Allopregnanolone ELISA Kits, K044-H & K044-C, have been discontinued as of October 1, 2019. These kits have been replaced with our Allopregnanolone ELISA Kit, Monoclonal Antibody Based, K061-H. The reason for the discontinuation is an improved version that utilizes a monoclonal detection antibody replacing the polyclonal previously used in the discontinued versions of the kit. The intent of the replacement is to ensure a stable, long-term supply of the critical detection reagents. The new monoclonal antibody-based assays do not contain any recombinant proteins.

For reference, the following is a list of peer-reviewed journal articles that previously cited the use of the K044-H & K044-C versions of the Allopregnanolone ELISA Kits. The improved monoclonal format of the new kit has also been validated for use in blood and tissue samples and will provide a valuable tool for the analysis of allopregnanolone in any species.

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