The World’s Best Stress Assay Just Got Better

Arbor Assays’ Corticosterone ELISA Kit is known as the only kit on the market that measures corticosterone in as little as 2 μL of serum or plasma in just 90 minutes.

Now, it’s even better:

  • Improved sensitivity with Multi-Format option:
    • 50 μL format from 10,000 to 39.06 pg/mL
    • 100 μL format from 5,000 to 19.53 pg/mL
  • Saliva samples now validated. No extraction required.
  • Only small sample volumes required: as little as 2 μL!
  • Over 270 citations in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Guaranteed, long-lasting supply—ideal for long term studies.

View Corticosterone ELISA Kit, K014-H1/H5

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