Wildlife Assays – Stress Monitoring



Monitoring stress hormone levels and patterns can help determine the effect of change, be it due to human disturbance or the ability to adapt to new environments, on an animal’s overall health and reproductive potential.

A variety of EIAs have been developed for use in monitoring stress steroids. These EIAs facilitate Non-Invasive Monitoring by use of samples such as saliva, urine and fecal extracts. By measuring in these matrices, typically assessment and collection doesn’t introduce additional stress to the animals.


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Analyte Samples Validated Arbor Assays Catalog No.
Corticosterone Fecal Extracts, Plasma, Serum, TCM K014-H1/H5
Cortisol Urine, Fecal Extracts, Plasma, Serum, Saliva, TCM K003-H1/H5
Cortisone Urine, Serum, TCM K017-C1/C5

Product Citations

Corticosterone, K014

Cortisol, K003

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