Cyclic AMP Direct Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Kit

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  • USE - Measure cAMP in 2 hours
  • SAMPLE - Lysates, Urine, Plasma, Saliva, Tissue
  • SAMPLES/KIT - 38 or 230 in Duplicate
  • SENSITIVITY - Measure < 1 fmol cAMP per sample
  • STABILITY - Stable 4˚C Liquid Reagents

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Multi Species and Most Sensitive


The DetectX® Cyclic AMP (cAMP) Chemiluminescent Direct Immunoassay (CLIA) kits are designed to quantitatively measure cAMP present in cell lysates, plasma, urine, saliva, tissue and culture media samples. The supplied Sample Diluent will lyse cells, stabilize cAMP and stop phosphodiesterase activity. A cAMP standard is provided to generate a standard curve for the assay. The supplied Plate Primer solution is added to the wells of a coated white microtiter plate, followed by standards or diluted samples. A cAMP-peroxidase conjugate is then added to the wells.

The binding reaction is initiated by the addition of a polyclonal antibody to cAMP. After a 2 hour incubation the plate is washed and chemiluminescent substrate is added. The substrate immediately reacts with the bound cAMP-peroxidase conjugate. The generated chemiluminescent glow signal is measured. The concentration of the cAMP in the sample is calculated, after making correction for the dilution.

Cyclic AMP (cAMP) is one of the most important second messengers and a key intracellular regulator. Discovered by Sutherland and Rall in 1957, it functions as a mediator of activity for a number of hormones, including epinephrine, glucagon, and ACTH. Cyclic AMP is produced by the enzyme adenylate cyclase, and the enzyme is activated by the hormones glucagon and adrenaline and by G protein. cAMP decomposition into AMP is catalyzed by the enzyme phosphodiesterase. Other biological actions of cAMP include regulation of innate immune functioning, axon regeneration, cancer, and inflammation.

Cyclic AMP Chemiluminescent Standard Curves

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Cyclic AMP Direct CLIA Kit, 1 PlateK019-C1$325.00Inquire About This Product
Cyclic AMP Direct CLIA Kit, 5 PlateK019-C5$1,310.00Inquire About This Product


Date Publication
Apr 24 2017 B. anthracis Edema Toxin Increases Fractional Free Water and Sodium Reabsorption in an Isolated Perfused Rat Kidney Model
Sep 22 2016 Cyclic AMP effectors regulate myometrial oxytocin receptor expression
Sep 01 2016 Agarwood Inhibits Histamine Release from Rat Mast Cells and Reduces Scratching Behavior in Mice
May 24 2016 Cadmium inhibits mouse sperm motility through inducing tyrosine phosphorylation in a specific subset of proteins
Jan 07 2016 Calcium influx enhances neuropeptide activation of ecdysteroid hormone production by mosquito ovaries
Nov 12 2015 Hexavalent chromium affects sperm motility by influencing protein tyrosine phosphorylation in the midpiece of boar spermatozoa
Apr 27 2015 Hypo-glycosylated hFSH has greater bioactivity than fully-glycosylated recombinant hFSH in human granulosa cells
Dec 26 2014 cAMP modulation during sheep in vitro oocyte maturation delays progression of meiosis without affecting oocyte parthenogenetic developmental competence
Dec 02 2014 Sphingosine-1-phosphate inhibits differentiation of C3H10T1/2 cells into adipocyte
Sep 01 2014 Effects of caffeine on circadian phase, amplitude, and period evaluated in cells in vitro and peripheral organs in vivo in PER2:LUCIFERASE mice
Mar 20 2014 Reciprocal bystander effect between α-irradiated macrophage and hepatocyte is mediated by cAMP through a membrane signaling pathway
Dec 30 2013 Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms of the Dopamine D2 Receptor Increase Inflammation and Fibrosis in Human Renal Proximal Tubule Cells
Apr 11 2013 B. anthracis Edema Toxin Increases cAMP Levels and Inhibits Phenylephrine Stimulated Contraction in a Rat Aortic Ring Mode
Apr 05 2013 Autocrine Regulation of Macrophage Activation via Exocytosis of ATP and Activation of P2Y11 Receptor
Dec 11 2012 CD36-dependent signaling mediates fatty acid-induced gut release of secretin and cholecystokinin
Sep 27 2012 CD36 influences myocardial Ca2+ homeostasis and phospholipid metabolism: Conduction anomalies in CD36 deficient mice during fasting.
Aug 25 2012 (S)-α-Chlorohydrin Inhibits Protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation through Blocking Cyclic AMP - Protein Kinase A Pathway in Spermatozoa

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