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Cyclic Nucleotide Tissue Extraction

Protocol for extracting cyclic nucleotides, cAMP or cGMP, (cNMPs) from tissue samples using the Sample Diluent provided in the assay kit.

Eicosanoid Sample Extraction

Protocol for extraction of prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes from biological samples.

Hair, Feather and Nail Extraction

Protocol for extraction of steroids, eicosanoids and peptides from hair, nail and feather samples.

Peptide/Protein Extraction

Protocol for peptide or protein extraction from matrices, such as serum, plasma, tissue or CSF.

Saliva Sample Handling Protocol

Protocol for processing saliva samples prior to running in DetectX® Assay Kits.

Steroid Liquid Extraction

Protocol for steroid extraction from serum, plasma or saliva or other liquid matrices.

Steroid Solid Extraction

Protocol for extraction of steroids from fecal or other non-liquid matrices.

Steroid Tissue Extraction

Protocol for steroid extraction from tissue samples



Tail Bleed Sample Prep

Preparation of small volume tail bleed samples for steroid assays

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Chemiluminescent ELISA Demo

How to set up a chemiluminescent assay

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Fecal Extraction Demo

Extraction of fecal samples prior to assay

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Arbor Assays Site Tour

All Arbor Assays products are designed, manufactured and tested in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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Assay Tricks

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your assays

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Sample Preparation

“How To” handle various samples prior to running in Arbor Assays’ kits.

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Setting up an Arbor Assays ELISA

“How To” set-up an Enzyme Immunoassay (ELISA) using Arbor Assays’ kits.

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Data Analysis

“How To” analyze and reduce your data using Arbor Assays’ kits.

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Assay and Kit Resources

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Arbor Assays Kit Plate Dimensions

A spreadsheet containing the dimensions for Arbor Assays’ microplates, if manual adjustment of the reading parameters are necessary on the plate reader to be used.

K009-F1 Blank Subtraction

Excel spreadsheet useful for subtracting out thiol background from data generated using K009-F1, DetectX® Glutathione Reductase Fluorescent Activity Kit.

KB02-H1 Data Reduction

Excel spreadsheet useful for reducing data generated using KB02-H, DetectX® Serum Creatinine Detection Kit to generate a linear regression standard curve and calculate the concentrations in samples.

Lab Math

Walkthrough of lab math calculations involved in sample concentration determinations.

Luminescent Plate Readers

Excel spreadsheet containing a list of Plate Reader Manufacturers

Saliva-Validated Assays

A listing of Arbor Assays’ saliva-validated ELISA kits for a variety of relevant biomarkers, plus more information on using saliva as a sample type.

Sample Reference Chart

A quick guide to what samples have been validated in each of our kits.



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A chemical directory useful for identifying physical and chemical properties, similar/related chemicals, suppliers, etc.

Human Atlas Project

A searchable website providing a Tissue-Based Map of the Human Proteome. The current knowledge regarding the human proteome is summarized, achieved through antibody-based methds combined with transcriptomics analysis across all major tissues and organs of the human body.

International Society of Wildlife Endocrinology (ISWE)

• Mission – advance the field of wildlife endocrinology by promoting stronger inter-disciplinary collaboration among wildlife and conservation biologists to optimize animal health, reproduction, and welfare in support of global conservation efforts.

•Vision – provide an international forum that facilitates the exchange of information and development of collaborative wildlife endocrine studies. To help advance the use of non-invasive and minimally invasive sampling technologies and assist in the standardization of methods and analyses for the scientific study of wildlife physiology both in situ and ex situ.

Linscott’s Directory of Immunological & Biological Reagents

Linscott’s Directory of Immunological & Biological Reagents

Mayo Medical Laboratories

Mayo Clinic Reference Laboratory Services site useful for finding human reference ranges for a variety of analytes in different biological samples.  Searchable by test or by disease state.


MTX Lab Systems, Inc.

Website of a reputable supplier of general lab equipment, typically refurbished

MyAssays Data Reduction Templates for DetectX® Assay Kits

Data Reduction Templates for DetectX® Assay Kits available at:

NCBI Databases – PubMed

Useful summary of literature based links for finding established concentration ranges for molecules of interest in various species, sample types, and more at NCBI Databases.

NIST – Chemistry

Useful for chemical properties of common biological molecules.


Organic Solvents: Table of Properties

A table of properties for common organic solvents found in the lab

Veterinary Medicine Austria

A special issue of the Journal Veterinary Medicine Austria resulting from the 3rd Annual (2012) ISWE conference in Vienna, Austria.  There are both new information articles and comprehensive reviews, including papers from many of the keynote speakers focusing on broad issues in endocrinology.  All articles are presented in both German and English. Click the word “anzeigen” to show each article, and at the end of the article there is a “download” button to get the PDF.

Wildlife Assays

A home-grown website of information related to assays used in Wildlife Conservation studies.  It also contains a run down of General Lab Protocols (Extraction Protocols, Plate Coating, etc.) and Lab Math (Sample Dilutions, Extraction Efficiencies, and Normalization calculations).



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Credit Application

All new customers who wish to place an order by PO are required to submit a credit application form.  Please download and complete this form and either e-mail ( or fax (+1-734-677-6860) it to our customer service team.


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