Cyclic Nucleotide Tissue Extraction

Protocol for extracting cyclic nucleotides, cAMP or cGMP (cNMPs), from tissue samples using the Sample Diluent provided in the assay kit.

Hair, Feather, and Nail Extraction

Protocol for extraction of steroids, eicosanoids, and peptides from hair, nail, and feather samples.


Assay and Kit Resources

Saliva-Validated Assays

A listing of Arbor Assays’ saliva-validated ELISA kits for a variety of relevant biomarkers and more information on using saliva as a sample type.

Arbor Assays Kit Plate Dimensions

The dimensions for Arbor Assays’ microplates. Useful for when manual adjustment of the reading parameters is necessary for the plate reader to be used.

K081-F Data Reduction Template

This spreadsheet is designed to be used with Arbor Assays’ DetectX® 2′,3′-cGAMP STING Based FRET Kit, K081-F1/F5.

KB02-H1 Data Reduction

An Excel spreadsheet useful for reducing data generated using KB02-H, the DetectX® Serum Creatinine Detection Kit. Used to generate a linear regression standard curve and calculate the concentrations in samples.

K009-F1 Blank Subtraction

An Excel spreadsheet useful for subtracting out thiol background from data generated using K009-F1, the DetectX® Glutathione Reductase (GR) Fluorescent Activity Kit.