Recognizing the need for sensitivity, speed, convenience, quality, and service, we research, develop, and manufacture the highest quality detection and immunoassay kits for clinically important biomolecules.

We delight in taking on the most technically challenging assays there are to develop. The thrill of building a kit that makes someone else’s job easier or allows someone to measure something no one else has is what drives us. And we are driven!

And we don’t stop there. Our Customer Service and Technical Support teams go out of their way to help you obtain the right product to achieve accurate results in a straightforward way.

Our bottom line is that we never compromise on quality, and quality does not come without investment.

We take pride in never compromising on quality—both in our own products and in the Contract Assay Services we provide.

Rather than contract out services such as organic chemistry, peptide synthesis, and antibody production to the cheapest labor, we go back to the same, high-quality suppliers (and friends!), even if it will cost more. The quality of analytical measurement is proportional to the quality of the raw materials.

Additionally, you will see the phrase “N-Cal™” throughout our website. This refers to kits where the standard is calibrated to World Health Organization (WHO) or US National Institute of Standards and Technology Reference Materials. Any kit is only as good as the standard that it is referenced against.

On January 1, 2017, Arbor Assays became the world’s first Employee Owned life sciences company by way of a perpetual employee benefit trust (EBT)

As an EBT, the board of directors ensures the company remains an independent entity for the benefit of customers and employees. For the customer, employee ownership means the company can be counted on to continuously experiment, innovate, and provide high-quality products longterm. For employees, ownership means increased job security and career satisfaction without the fear Arbor Assays being sold to a larger development company.

At Arbor Assays, philosophy matters. We are totally committed to customer service and we will make every effort to satisfy your scientific needs.

Our commitment is to our customers, our community, our environment, and ourselves. We work for you! Your input and questions are valued, if you have any comments, or concerns, we invite you to contact us—you can expect to receive a timely answer from a real person.

Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do, if you are to bring it to your customer interactions.

Betsy Sanders, Author

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Community Support

At Arbor Assays we believe we should be proactive in providing community support and giving back. We do this through a variety of charitable efforts that are meaningful to our employees and our mission.

Research the Cure™

We make a charitable donation based upon every kit product purchased. Each year, the proceeds are donated directly to a charity supporting medical research.

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You Publish, We Donate

In addition to our charitable contributions for each kit sold, if you publish a paper citing the use of one of our kits, we will donate $25 to our Research the Cure charity in your honor.

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Annual Multiple Sclerosis Walk

Before our company even existed, we had been walking together for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) because they fund more MS research than any other private organization.

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