Cyclic AMP Direct EIA Kit

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  • USE - Measure cAMP in 2.5 Hours
  • SAMPLE - Lysates, Urine, Plasma, Saliva, Tissue
  • SAMPLES/KIT - 39 or 231 in Duplicate
  • SENSITIVITY - Measure < 5 fmol cAMP in sample
  • STABILITY - Stable 4˚C Liquid Reagents

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The DetectX® Cyclic AMP (cAMP) Direct Immunoassay kit is designed to quantitatively measure cAMP present in lysed cells, tissue, plasma, urine, saliva and culture media samples. The kit is unique in that all samples and standards are diluted into an acidic Sample Diluent which is designed to lyse cells, inactivate PDE enzymes, and stabilize cAMP.  A cAMP standard is provided to generate a standard curve for the assay. A special Plate Primer is added to all the wells and standards or samples in Sample Diluent are pipetted into the primed clear microtiter plate. A cAMP-peroxidase conjugate is added to the standards and samples in the wells. The binding reaction is initiated by the addition of an antibody to cAMP. After 2 hours, the plate is washed and substrate is added. The substrate reacts with the bound cAMP-peroxidase conjugate. After a short incubation, the reaction is stopped and the intensity of the generated color is read. An optional Acetylation Format allows super low concentrations of cAMP to be measured.

Adenosine-3’,5’-cyclic monophosphate, or cyclic AMP (cAMP), is one of the most important second messengers and a key intracellular regulator. Discovered by Sutherland and Rall in 1957, it functions as a mediator of activity for a number of hormones, including epinephrine, glucagon, and ACTH. Adenylate cyclase is activated by the hormones glucagon and adrenaline and by G protein. Liver adenylate cyclase responds more strongly to glucagon, and muscle adenylate cyclase responds more strongly to adrenaline. cAMP decomposition into AMP is catalyzed by the enzyme phosphodiesterase. In the Human Metabolome Database there are 166 metabolic enzymes listed that convert cAMP.

Cyclic AMP EIA Standard Curve

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Cyclic AMP Direct EIA Kit, 1 PlateK019-H1$295.00Inquire About This Product
Cyclic AMP Direct EIA Kit, 5 PlateK019-H5$1,150.00Inquire About This Product


Date Publication
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May 03 2017 Ixazomib enhances parathyroid hormone (PTH)-induced β-catenin/T-cell factor (TCF) signaling by dissociating β-catenin from the PTH receptor
May 01 2017 Characterizing New Photoreceptors to Expand the Optogenetic Toolbox
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Jan 05 2017 Human LH and hCG stimulate differently the early signalling pathways but result in equal testosterone synthesis in mouse Leydig cells in vitro
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Aug 10 2016 Angiotensin II counteracts the effects of cAMP/PKA on NHE3 activity and phosphorylation in proximal tubule cells
Jun 22 2016 Differential impact of acute and prolonged cAMP agonist exposure on protein kinase A activation and human myometrium contractile activity
May 25 2016 Immunogenicity and protective efficacy against ETEC colonization following intradermal, sublingual or oral vaccination with EtpA adhesin
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Jan 01 2016 Effects of α-lipoic acid on lipid metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis in adipocytes: study of the molecular mechanisms involved
Dec 12 2015 Follicle-stimulating hormone potentiates the steroidogenic activity of chorionic gonadotropin and the anti-apoptotic activity of luteinizing hormone in human granulosa-lutein cells in vitro
Dec 01 2015 Identification of a Novel Protein Kinase A Inhibitor by Bioluminescence-Based Screening
Nov 17 2015 H295R expression of melanocortin 2 receptor accessory protein (MRAP) results in ACTH responsiveness
Oct 30 2015 Allosteric modulation of metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 activates IDO1-dependent, immunoregulatory signaling in dendritic cells
Oct 12 2015 Edwardsiella tarda EscE (Orf13 protein) is a type III secretion system secreted protein that is required for the injection of effectors, secretion of translocators, and pathogenesis in fish
Jun 18 2015 Ecklonia cava Polyphenol Has a Protective Effect against Ethanol-Induced Liver Injury in a Cyclic AMP-Dependent Manner
Jun 11 2015 Molecular and Cellular Effects Induced in Mytilus galloprovincialis Treated with Oxytetracycline at Different Temperatures
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May 19 2015 Prenatal ethanol exposure and placental hCG and IGF2 expression
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Oct 01 2014 Cardiac Control in the Pacific Hagfish (Eptatretus Stoutii)
Oct 01 2014 Discovery of Novel Adenylyl Cyclase Inhibitor by Cell-Based Screening
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