Assay Development ISWE Accessory Kit


  • Consistent- Consistent Supply of Components
  • Economical - Enough for 10 Plates
  • Tested - Quality Tested Reagents
  • Reliable - Detailed Procedure Included

The ISWE Assay Development Accessory Kit is designed to help ISWE scientists develop stable, reproducible assays for steroid measurement. The kit provides all of the materials needed to prepare working solutions of antibody and HRP conjugate with 4˚C stability for one to several months.  For longer-term storage, solutions should be aliquotted and stored at -20˚C.  This kit, plus our ISWE Plate Coating Accessory Kits for Goat anti-Mouse IgG, Catalog Number ISWE004, and Goat anti-Rabbit IgG, Catalog Number ISWE005, provide the best possible tools for developing a stable, reproducible assay for a steroid or other molecule.

Kits Include:

Conjugate Diluent

Assay Buffer Concentrate

Wash Buffer Concentrate

TMB Substrate

Stop Solution

Storage Instructions:

All components of this kit should be stored at 4°C until the expiration date of the kit.

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