• Features DNA Methyltransferase inhibitor
  • Hypomethylating agent
  • Inhibits melanoma cancer cell growth
  • Storage at 4˚C


Cytosine analog, that when incorporated into DNA, acts as a suicide substrate for DNA methyltransferase. Inhibits DNA methyltransferase and results in DNA hypomethylation and activation of silent genes. Chemotherapeutic agent; suppresses growth of human tumor cell lines. Demethylates differentiation-related genes; reverses embryonic stem cell differentiation. Decitabine is an epigenetic modifier that gives rise to DNA demethylation (hypomethylation) and gene activation by remodeling “opening” chromatin. Genes are synergistically reactivated when demethylation is combined with histone hyperacetylation. This remodeling of chromatin structure allows transcription factors to bind to the promoter regions, assembly of the transcription complex, and gene expression.


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