• Consistent Consistent supply of components
  • Economical Enough for 10 plates
  • Tested Quality tested reagents
  • Reliable Detailed procedure included
  • Stable Liquid 4ºC stable reagents

The ISWE Donkey anti-Sheep IgG Plate Coating Accessory Kit is designed to help ISWE scientists coat secondary antibodies onto microtiter plates. The kit provides all of the materials needed to coat a secondary antibody onto a microtiter plate, block the plate to reduce non-specific binding (NSB), and store the dried plate.  This kit, plus our Assay Development Accessory Kit, Catalog Number ISWE006, provide the best possible tools for developing a stable, reproducible secondary antibody coated plate assay for a steroid or other molecule.

Kits Include:

Donkey anti-Sheep IgG Antibody

Coating Buffer Concentrate

Blocking Buffer Concentrate

Strip-Well Microtiter Plates, 2 Bags of 5 Each

5-Plate Bag with Desiccant, 2 Each

Donkey anti-Sheep IgG ISWE Plate Coating Accessory Kit (10 Plate)

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