• Catalog Number K013-H1
  • Assay Type Detection Kit
  • Sample Types Whole Blood, RBCs
  • Sensitivity 0.021 g/dL
  • Species Identical across all species
  • Assay Duration 30 minutes
  • Samples/Plate 40 in Duplicate
  • Readout Colorimetric, 560-580 nm


Assay Principle:

The DetectX® Hemoglobin Detection Kit offers a reliable method for quantitatively measuring all forms of hemoglobin in whole blood and RBCs. This colorimetric assay has a run time of 30 minutes and is designed for ease of use and accuracy. Read the complete kit insert for detailed instructions before starting the assay. The kit includes a Hemoglobin standard to create an accurate standard curve.

Protocol Summary:

  • Transfer standards or diluted samples into the transparent microtiter plate.
  • Add DetectX® Hemoglobin Detection Reagent to each well, ensuring proper mixing.
  • Incubate the mixture at room temperature for 30 minutes, facilitating the color-generating reaction between the Detection Reagent and Hemoglobin in the sample.
  • After incubation, use a plate reader to measure the signal at 560-580nm and determine Hemoglobin concentration using the standard curve.


Hemoglobin (Hgb) is a red erythrocyte protein complex responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. It consists of two sets of identical subunit pairs, each binding to an iron-porphyrin group, known as heme. Heme’s ability to bind and release oxygen or carbon dioxide is sensitive to changes in local gas tension, making hemoglobin vital for efficient gas exchange in the body.

Abnormal Hemoglobin levels are indicative of various health conditions. Low levels of Hemoglobin correspond to anemia, while high levels can indicate erythrocytosis. Additionally, clinicians detect disorders such as thalassemia, characterized by aberrant chain synthesis, and sickling disorders, involving abnormal complex shapes, by analyzing Hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is also a key marker in sports medicine and altitude physiology research. It helps in understanding the body’s adaptation to stress and environmental changes, like high altitudes, where oxygen availability is limited. Changes in Hemoglobin concentration can reflect the body’s response to training, endurance, and physical exertion, making it a valuable parameter in athletic performance studies.

Furthermore, Hemoglobin plays a significant role in nutritional studies. Its measurement is critical in global health contexts, particularly in monitoring and addressing iron-deficiency anemia in populations.

The DetectX® Hemoglobin Colorimetric Detection Kit is an essential tool in clinical diagnostics and research. It enables accurate measurement of Hemoglobin levels, aiding in the diagnosis and study of blood-related conditions and diseases.

Hemoglobin Colorimetric Detection Kit

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