• Features Activator of SIRT1
  • Inhibits NF-kB activation
  • Induces apoptosis


Activator of human deacetylase SIRT1. Anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antiproliferative agent that inhibits p56lck and syk protein tyrosine kinases and inhibits TNF-induced NF-kB activation and gene expression. Piceatannol is a resveratrol analog formed by the cytochrome P450-catalyzed hydroxylation of resveratrol. Piceatannol exhibits potent anticancer properties by inducing apoptosis in BJAB Burkitt-like lymphoma cells with an ED50 value of 25 µM. Piceatannol also exhibits anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting the activity of a wide range of tyrosine and serine/threonine protein kinases and suppressing NF-kB activation through inhibition of IkBa kinase.



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