• Catalog Number K068-H
  • Assay Type Competitive ELISA
  • Sample Types Fecal Extracts, Urine, Tissue Culture Media
  • Sensitivity 51.2 pg/mL
  • Species Progesterone is identical across all species
  • Assay Duration 1.5 Hours
  • Samples/Plate 40 in Duplicate
  • Readout Colorimetric, 450 nm


Assay Principle: 

The DetectX® Progesterone Metabolites ELISA Kit quantitatively measures Progesterone Metabolites in fecal extracts, urine, and tissue culture media. This competitive ELISA has a run time of 1.5 hours. Please read the complete kit insert for more information before performing this assay. Use our provided progesterone standard to generate a standard curve for the assay.

Protocol Summary:

  • Introduce standards or diluted samples into the provided transparent microtiter plate, pre-coated with goat anti-rabbit IgG antibody.
  • Add progesterone peroxidase conjugate and progesterone metabolites polyclonal rabbit antibody to initiate the immunological reaction.
  • Incubate the mixture covered at room temperature with shaking for 1 hour. The reaction varies inversely with the progesterone metabolites concentration in the sample.
  • After incubation, remove excess conjugate and introduce the TMB substrate. This substrate reacts with the bound conjugate, producing a measurable signal.
  • Use a plate reader to detect the signal at 450nm and calculate the progesterone metabolites concentration based on the standard curve.


Progesterone (P4, pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione) belongs to a class of hormones called progestogens. It plays a vital role in female reproductive functions across various tissues such as the uterus, ovary, mammary gland, and brain. Progestogens are the primary hormones in the female menstrual cycle, gestation, and embryogenesis in humans and other species. Progesterone metabolizes into various by-products, including 5-reduced progesterone (pregnane), pregnanolones, and hydroxyprogesterone.

Measuring progesterone metabolites provides vital data for understanding reproductive health and hormonal regulation. These measurements are particularly valuable in studying wildlife and endangered species, providing insights into reproductive strategies and species survival. In clinical research and healthcare, analyzing progesterone metabolites aids in evaluating hormonal imbalances and reproductive disorders. In addition to its reproductive roles, progesterone is also involved in mood and bone density regulation.

The DetectX® Progesterone Metabolites ELISA Kit offers a sensitive and specific method for measuring progesterone metabolites, making it an essential tool for reproductive biologists, endocrinologists, and conservationists.

Progesterone Metabolites ELISA Kits

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