PGE2 Multi-Format ELISA Kit


  • Most Sensitive
  • Multi Species
  • Use - Measure PGE2 between 1,000 - 2 pg/mL
  • Sample - Serum, Plasma, Saliva, Urine and TCM
  • Convenient - One kit for rapid, sensitive, low sample volumes
  • Samples/Kit - up to 39 or 231 in Duplicate
  • Sensitive - Measure < 0.2 pg per Sample
  • Versatile - Works directly with Mouse and Rat Serum

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The DetectX® Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) Multi-Format ELISA Kit is designed to quantitatively measure PGE2 present in serum, plasma, urine, tissues, saliva and culture media samples. This one ELISA kit allows all samples to be measured with just one kit.  The monoclonal antibody has super-fast kinetics and shows the same binding characteristics at 2 or 16 hour incubation. The kit allows samples as low as 2 pg/mL to be measured in less than 3 hours. It exhibits excellent cross reactivity and low sample requirements.

A PGE2 standard is provided to generate a standard curve for the assay and all samples should be read off the standard curve. Standards or diluted samples are pipetted into a clear microtiter plate coated with an antibody to capture mouse antibodies. A PGE2-peroxidase conjugate is added to the standards and samples in the wells. The binding reaction is initiated by the addition of a monoclonal antibody to PGE2. After either an incubation the plate is washed and substrate is added. The substrate reacts with the bound PGE2-peroxidase conjugate. After a 30 minute incubation the intensity of the generated color is read at 450nm.

The new PGE2 monoclonal (3H10) developed to use in the new PGE2 EIA kits has some truly amazing properties:

  • Super Fast Kinetics – Same Assay Range at 2 or 16 hours
  • Incredible Sensitivity – Lowest Standard < 2 pg/mL
  • Superior Cross Reactivity to Other Eicosanoids
  • Super Low Sample Volume Requirements
  • Choice of Incubation Time, Sensitivity, and Sample Volume in a Single Kit

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Mesanchymal stem cell secretome decreases the inflammatory response in annulus fibrosus organ cultures

May 25 2021 | (SPECIES: Human, SAMPLE: Tissue Culture Supernatant)

Analogues of cannabinoids as multitarget drugs in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Jan 15 2021 | (SPECIES: Molecular Model, SAMPLE: Cell Culture Media)

Cyclodextrin nanostructures and ocular drug delivery

Oct 31 2020 | (SPECIES: Human, SAMPLE: Cell Culture Supernatant)

Liposome-mediated inhibition of inflammation by hydroxycitrate

Oct 21 2020 | (SPECIES: Human, SAMPLE: Leukemia Cell)

Compositions for use in cartilage breakdown (US Patent Application)

Apr 08 2020 | (SPECIES: Guinea Pig, SAMPLE: Serum)

Andrographolide prevents drug and stress induced ulcer in rats

Jan 23 2020 | (SPECIES: Rat, SAMPLE: Gastric Tissue)

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