• Catalog Number K055-H
  • Assay Type Sandwich ELISA
  • Sample Types Serum, Plasma, Tissue Culture Media
  • Sensitivity 30.5 pg/mL
  • Species Human
  • Assay Duration 3 Hours
  • Samples/Plate 40 in Duplicate
  • Readout Colorimetric, 450 nm


Assay Principle: 

The DetectX® ST2 Human ELISA Kit quantitatively measures Human ST2 levels in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media. This sandwich ELISA has a run time of 3 hours. Please read the complete kit insert for more information before performing this assay. Use our provided ST2 standard to generate a standard curve for the assay.

Protocol Summary:

  • Introduce standards or diluted samples into the transparent microtiter plate, included, pre-coated with mouse anti-human ST2.
  • Incubate the plate covered and shaking at room temperature for 1 hour.
  • Add Biotinylated human ST2 antibody and continue the incubation, covered and shaking, for another hour.
  • Wash and introduce Streptavidin-Peroxidase Conjugate, then incubate for 30 minutes. The immunological reaction varies inversely with ST2 concentration in the sample.
  • Post-incubation, remove the excess conjugate and add the TMB substrate. The substrate reacts with the bound conjugate to produce a colorimetric signal.
  • Measure the signal at 450nm using a plate reader and calculate ST2 concentration using the standard curve.


The ST2 protein, part of the Toll-like/IL-1-receptor superfamily, has various aliases including IL1RL1, DER4, T1, and FIT-1. It plays a critical role in the body’s inflammatory response, especially within mast cells, type 2 CD4+ T-helper cells, and in the production of Th2-associated cytokines. Notably, ST2 serves as a cellular marker distinguishing Th2 from Th1 T-cells.

First identified in 1989 as an orphan receptor, the gene encoding ST2 spans approximately 40 kb on human chromosome 2q12, within the larger human IL-1 gene cluster of about 200 kb. The ST2 gene and its protein product are conserved across multiple species, including mice, rats, and fruit flies. The protein produced by this gene, approximately 37 kDa unglycosylated, is processed into a 60–70 kDa glycosylated form, known as the soluble form of ST2 (sST2).

The DetectX® ST2 Human ELISA Kit is a valuable tool for researchers and clinicians focusing on immunology, inflammation, and related pathologies. It provides a sensitive and specific means to measure ST2 concentrations in various biological samples, aiding in the understanding and study of immune responses and related disorders.

ST2 Human ELISA Kit


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The DetectX® Human ST2 ELISA Kit is designed to quantitatively measure ST2 present in a variety of samples and tissue culture media.

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