• Features Potent HDAC Inhibitor
  • Blocks cell cycle progression at G1
  • Induces activation of HIV-1 promoter


Trichostatin A is a potent, reversible inhibitor of histone deacetylase (HDAC) with a Ki of 3.4 nM. In human Jurkat T cells, trichostatin A arrests cell cycle progression in G1 and inhibits the activity of the HDAC1 with an IC50 value of 70 nM. Trichostatin A selectively inhibits the removal of acetyl groups from the amino-terminal lysine residues of core histones, which modulates the access of transcription factors to the underlying genomic DNA. Induces accelerated dedifferentiation of primordial germ cells into embryonic germ cells. Potent anti-cancer agent.

Trichostatin A

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