Dissociation Reagent is provided in some steroid and other assays to minimize binding of some hormones to sample proteins. It only needs to be used on serum or plasma samples, as steroids in those samples are associated with carrier proteins and not available to be detected in the assay. Samples in matrices such as saliva, feces, and urine will not need Dissociation Reagent. Most assays for steroid analytes are supplied with a special Dissociation Reagent that should be used to treat serum and plasma samples. The Reagent frees steroids for measurement from specialized binding proteins and other carriers, such as albumin, to which steroids will bind when in circulation. After treating serum and plasma samples with the Dissociation Reagent, samples must be further diluted with Assay Buffer before testing. This dilution is necessary to eliminate matrix interference from the Dissociation Reagent itself. Check the kit insert for the recommended dilution in each assay.

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