Cyclic GAMP

Arbor Assays is Pleased to Announce the World’s First Cyclic GAMP EIA Kit for
STING Signaling Research.
Coming in May 2018.

Cyclic GAMP Pathway

Cyclic GAMP EIA Kit, Catalog No:  K067-H


  • Use: Measure cGAMP in STING signalingCyclic GAMP Structure
  • Range: 50 pmol/mL – 0.205 pmol/mL
  • Time to Answer: 2.5 hours
  • Samples/Kit: 39 or 231 in duplicate
  • Stability: Liquid, 4°C Stable Reagents

The innate immune system is the body’s crucial first defense against viral infections and it is dependent upon a group of pattern recognition receptors.  cGMP-AMP Synthase (cGAS) responds to the presence of viral DNA in the cytosol by producing 2’,3’cGAMP.  Cyclic GAMP in turn binds to STING leading to TBK1-mediated IRF3 activation and the production of type 1 IFN.  Understanding the STING pathway and the role that cGAMP plays in the innate response to viral infection is of great interest as a possible mechanism for pharmaceutical intervention to treat cancer, lupus and infections.

Cyclic GAMP Standard Curve

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