Wildlife studies and conservation efforts have been increasing in importance as the imperatives of species and environmental management have been recognized worldwide. Those efforts require partnerships with the research community, adaptable research tools, and support from organizations that are focused on preserving the natural world for future generations – organizations like Arbor Assays.

Throughout its 10-year collaboration with the International Society of Wildlife Endocrinology (ISWE), Arbor Assays has provided wildlife researchers with the best tools available for hormone and biomarker measurement for conservation research. In addition to traditional animal rescue, species observation, and emergency response efforts, this type of research has become a welcome addition to the mission of zoos, aquariums and conservation institutes. It explores important topics, such as animal care and welfare, species and habitat conservation, and contribution to the understanding of basic animal biology for a myriad of species. As ecosystems face growing pressure from climate change and habitat loss, the need for this type of research is present and ongoing.

In 2014, Arbor Assays became the official supplier to ISWE of assay kits and reagents for conservation research and that partnership has given the company information vital to the creation of customized assays for the specialized and ever-evolving needs of wildlife researchers. In 2017, this collaboration was deepened and Arbor Assays began actively developing kits to enable these studies to be carried out long term.

With some species of animals and fish living for 200 years, the need for continuous studies and, by extension, a constant, reproducible supply of critical reagents is essential. Arbor Assays, as an employee-owned company, is a valuable partner in these long-term conservation efforts. Structured as a UK Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), Arbor Assays gives employees the ability to participate in the company’s advances and share in the profits, as well as ensuring the company is focused on a mission that aligns with the passions and goals of the employees. Traditionally, EBT-held businesses have maintained a unique status of long-term stability, growth, and employee and customer retention, and, for the ISWE, it provides confidence in the longitudinal stability of reagent supply for studies of endangered species.

Wildlife conservation efforts hinge on animal health and well-being, as well as species reproductive success. Assay kits are often used to non-invasively evaluate animal hormone levels and monitor metabolism, reproductive health and stress levels. Accurate measurement of stress biomarkers is a fundamental requirement for studying both behavioral and molecular responses to stress. Arbor Assays provides an extensive range of kits in use around the globe to aid in this type of research while keeping in line with the ISWE goal of “helping to advance the use of non-invasive and minimally invasive sampling technologies and assist in standardizing endocrine methods for national and international wildlife studies.”

Committed to that goal, Arbor Assays offers a plate coating and assay training course designed to teach ISWE attendees to coat, block, store and use secondary coated plates for use in steroid assays – like those used in wildlife studies. This Ann Arbor-based life science company is committed to the study, management, and conservation of wildlife around the globe. Learn more about the available assays, plate coating course and the company at ArborAssays.com.

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