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The negative impact stress has on health and performance is well documented. Consequently, stress assessment and mitigation strategies are the subject of ongoing study. Cortisol is often considered the gold-standard biomarker in clinical sciences and psychology, and cortisol levels are commonly measured to assess stress levels in humans and animals.

Recently, a study by Balters et al. investigated salivary cortisol to determine if this non-invasive method is a valid metric for measuring stress in critical incident training and emergency scenarios on a ship bridge.  In the study, saliva was collected from subjects experiencing low- and high-stress marine navigation simulations. Cortisol levels were measured using Arbor Assays’ Cortisol ELISA Kit (K003-H1) and compared to metrics like heart rate and its variability.

The results clearly validated salivary cortisol as a successful and valuable tool for detecting distress in critical high-stress and emergency situations. Salivary cortisol strongly correlated with standard stress assessments and provided additional objective information about the psycho-physiological stress response.


  • Measure Cortisol in 90 minutes
  • Use saliva, fecal extracts, urine, serum, plasma, and TCM from multiple species
  • Cited in over 100 publications
  • Each kit contains enough reagents for 39 or 231 samples in duplicate
  • Includes stable 4˚C liquid reagents


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