Cortisol ELISA Kit


  • Multi Species
  • N-CAL Kit
  • Use - Measure Cortisol in 90 Minutes
  • Sample - Fecal Extracts, Urine, Serum, Plasma, Saliva and TCM
  • Samples/Kit - 39 or 231 in Duplicate
  • Calibrated - N-Cal Kit, NIST-Calibrated
  • Stability - Stable 4˚C Liquid Reagents

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The DetectX® Cortisol Enzyme Immunoassay Kit is designed to quantitatively measure cortisol present in dried fecal extracts, saliva, urine, serum, plasma and culture media samples. This kit measures total cortisol in extracted samples, serum and plasma and free cortisol in saliva and urine. A cortisol standard is provided to generate a standard curve for the assay. Standards or diluted samples are pipetted into a clear microtiter plate coated with an antibody to capture mouse antibodies. A cortisol-peroxidase conjugate is added to the standards and samples in the wells. The binding reaction is initiated by the addition of a monoclonal antibody to cortisol to each well. After an 1 hour incubation the plate is washed and substrate is added. The substrate reacts with the bound cortisol-peroxidase conjugate. After a short incubation the color reaction is read at 450nm.

Cortisol is the primary glucocorticoid produced and secreted by the adrenal cortex. It is often referred to as the “stress hormone” as it is involved in the response to stress and it affects blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and other actions of stress adaptation. Immunologically, cortisol functions as an important anti-inflammatory and plays a role in hypersensitivity, immunosuppression, and disease resistance. In the metabolic aspect, cortisol promotes gluconeogenesis, liver glycogen deposition, and the reduction of glucose utilization. Production of cortisol follows an ACTH-dependent circadian rhythm, with a peak level in the morning and decreasing levels throughout the day. Most serum cortisol, all but about 4%, is bound to proteins including corticosteroid binding globulin and serum albumin. Only free cortisol is available to most receptors and it is through these receptors that physiological processes are modulated. Abnormal cortisol levels are being evaluated for correlation with a variety of different conditions, such as prostate cancer, depression, and schizophrenia. It is already known that abnormal levels of cortisol are involved in Cushing’s Syndrome and Addison’s disease.

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+ Publications 190 total publications

Effect of systemic cortisol on pregnancy rate in repeat breeding cows during early pregnancy

Aug 07 2021 | (SPECIES: Cattle, SAMPLE: Serum, Saliva, Urine)

Cortisol changes in bottlenose dolphins in the dolphin interactive program

May 01 2021 | (SPECIES: Bottlenose Dolphin, SAMPLE: Plasma)

Characterizing and reversing the salmonid depression-like state profile

Dec 30 2020 | (SPECIES: Fish (Salmon), SAMPLE: Plasma)

Cortisol-related signatures of stress in the fish microbiome

Jul 14 2020 | (SPECIES: Fish, SAMPLE: Plasma, Fecal, Skin Mucus)

Effects of stress and cortisol on the polarization of carp macrophages

Aug 24 2019 | (SPECIES: Fish, SAMPLE: Serum)

Cortisol Measurement in Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) Fur

Aug 23 2019 | (SPECIES: Koala, SAMPLE: Fur)

Age, seasonality, and correlates of aggression in female Apennine chamois

Oct 02 2018 | (SPECIES: Bovoid, SAMPLE: Plasma)

502 Low-Stress Sampling and Cortisol Concentrations in Periparturient Sows

Apr 10 2018 | (SPECIES: Pig, SAMPLE: Saliva, Plasma)

Conflict behaviour in show jumping horses: a field study

Jul 28 2017 | (SPECIES: Horse, SAMPLE: Saliva)

Understanding Mental Toughness and Stress: The Role of Cortisol

Jun 01 2016 | (SPECIES: Human, SAMPLE: Saliva)

Label-free Electrochemical Biosensor

Sep 03 2015 | (SPECIES: Human, SAMPLE: Saliva)

Behavior and performance of veal calves in relation to group housing

Feb 01 2014 | (SPECIES: Cattle, SAMPLE: Plasma)

Electrochemical Immunosensing of Saliva Cortisol

Dec 24 2013 | (SPECIES: Human, SAMPLE: Saliva)

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