“Glucocorticoid hormones are secreted with a prominent daily rhythm, but their diurnal genomic actions remain uncharacterized. Quagliarini et al. show how the Glucocorticoid Receptor controls daily cycles of glucose and triglyceride metabolism by time-dependent chromatin binding and target gene transcription, and how this rhythm is augmented by high fat diet. Interestingly, they found a new mechanism, describing how the activity of this drug target/hormone receptor can be affected by nutrition and will provide important insights for future therapies for metabolic disease.”

-Helmholtz Diabetes Center (HDC) from Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

This study used the Arbor Assays Corticosterone ELISA Kit. This is the only kit available to measure Corticosterone in ≤ 1µL of serum or plasma in only 90 minutes without extraction. The kit features:

  • Fast, accurate, reproducible results
  • A small required sample volume
  • Unique sample types
  • Long lasting supply


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