C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a ring-shaped, pentameric serum protein produced by the liver. As an acute phase inflammation marker released in response to IL-6 signaling by T-cells, macrophages, and adipocytes, CRP levels rise in a wide range of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions. These include infection, inflammatory disease, tissue injury, cardiovascular disease, and malignancy.

CRP assessment, in conjugation with Myeloperoxidase, has been used clinically as an accurate prediction of mortality risk for cardiac patients.

Kit Features (K069-H1/H5)

  • Use – Critical Acute Phase Biomarker
  • Calibrated – 1st WHO International Standard
  • Time to Answer – 2.5 Hours
  • Sample – Serum and Plasma
  • Sensitivity – < 0.62 ng/mL
  • Samples/Kit – 40 or 232 in Duplicate

C-Reactive Protein ELISA Kit Typical Standard Curve

Collaborating with Athens Research and Technology

Arbor Assays and Athens Research and Technology have partnered again to provide another exceptional ELISA Kit featuring a unique antibody pairing, high quality native human protein, careful optimization, and outstanding quality control.

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