• Catalog Number K081-F
  • Assay Type Detection Kit
  • Sample Types Cell Lysates, Tissue Extracts, Tissue Culture Media
  • Sensitivity 82.02 pmol/mL
  • Species 2',3'-Cyclic GAMP is identical across species
  • Samples/Plate 40 in duplicate
  • Assay Duration 15 Minutes
  • Readout Fluorescence, 458 nm Excitation and 600 nm/490 nm Emission


Assay Principle: 

The 2′,3′-Cyclic GAMP STING-Based FRET Detection Kit quantitatively measures 2’,3’-cGAMP levels in cell lysates, tissue extracts, and tissue culture media. This detection kit has a run time of 15 minutes. Please read the complete kit insert for more information before performing this assay.

Protocol Summary:

  • Transfer standards or diluted samples into the transparent microtiter plate provided in the kit.
  • Add the 2’,3’-cGAMP BioSTING Protein to each well, ensuring thorough mixing.
  • Incubate the mixture at 37°C, covered and shaking, for 15 minutes. The FRET-based reaction occurs between the BioSTING protein and the 2’,3’-cGAMP.
  • After incubation, detect the fluorescent signal using a plate reader at 490 nm and 600 nm wavelengths. Calculate the 2’,3’-cGAMP concentration using the measured intensities and the standard curve.


Developed based on research by Pollock et al. in 2020, the BioSTING protein in this kit is a novel biosensor that uses fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) for the detection of 2’,3’-cGAMP in real-time within living cells. FRET, a technique reliant on the proximity of two fluorophores, enables sensitive and dynamic measurement of molecular interactions. In BioSTING, the fluorophores mTFP and mKO2 work in tandem; the absence of 2’,3’-cGAMP results in an emission at 490 nm, while binding with the ligand brings the fluorophores closer, shifting the emission to 600 nm.

This STING biosensor demonstrates a higher affinity in murine models for binding both bacterial and eukaryotic cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs) compared to human variants, suggesting a broader range of applications. The DetectX® 2′,3′-Cyclic GAMP STING-Based FRET Detection Kit not only provides in vitro high-throughput screening for CDN modulation but also enables the direct screening of STING agonists and antagonists, making it a valuable tool in immunology and molecular biology research.

2′,3′-Cyclic GAMP STING-Based FRET Detection Kits

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