Are you conducting research in cell signaling, inflammation, immunology, or drug discovery? Consider the benefits of our exclusive BioSTING FRET assay that provides a real-time readout of CDN production in-vitro, with high-throughput screening.

Arbor Assays is excited to announce a new product kit available with its exclusive BioSTING sensor. STING, a protein that binds to 2’,3’-cGAMP directly, was chosen as the base for a patent pending biosensor, BioSTING, developed by Pollock et al. for in vivo and in vitro testing.

The DetectX® 2’,3’-cGAMP STING–Based FRET Detection Kits uses BioSTING to mimic small molecule interactions with STING in the cGAS-STING pathway and measure 2’,3’-cGAMP. This BioSTING protein binds to 2’,3’-cGAMP and allows for wide application use when screening for other STING agonists and antagonists. It provides real-time readout of CDN production in-vitro and allows for high-throughput screening. Its measurements are directly linked to CDN ligand binding and occupancy.

This kit is ideal for:

  • Researchers in academia who are studying cell signaling, inflammation, immunology, oncology etc
  • Industry professionals from R&D and pre-clinical pharmaceuticals doing drug discovery and screening for oncology, immunology
  • Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies focused on discovering, developing and commercializing drugs and therapeutics.

Researchers may use this for:

  • Exploring more scientific research about cGAS-STING cell signaling
  • Measuring levels of 2’3’-cGAMP and other cross reactants/ small molecule cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs)
  • Providing a real-time readout of CDN production in vitro
  • Identifying agonists and antagonists (activators and inhibitors)
  • For in-vitro high throughput screening.

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