• Consistent Consistent assays & supply
  • Economical Enough for 50 plates
  • Complete Primary antibody, conjugate, & standard
  • Tested Tested in fecal extracts against multiple species
  • Standard Curve 72T Standard Curve
  • Description

    The ISWE 11-Oxoetiocholanolone (72T) Mini-Kit is specifically designed to measure 72T present in a variety of samples and species for wildlife conservation. The end user must provide or coat their own anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibody coated plates, in addition to providing assay buffer, wash buffer, substrate and stop solution. See Related Products for suitable options available.

    Kits Include:

    ISWE 72T Antibody Concentrate

    ISWE 72T Conjugate Concentrate

    72T Standard

    Storage Instructions:

    All components of this kit should be aliquoted into vials upon first thaw. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.

    Store at -20°C until the expiration date of the kit.