Testosterone ISWE Mini-Kit


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  • Consistent - Consistent Assays & Supply
  • Economical - Enough for 50 Plates
  • Complete - Primary Antibody, Conjugate & Standard
  • Tested - Tested in fecal extracts against multiple species

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The ISWE Testosterone Mini-Kit is specifically designed to measure Testosterone present in a variety of samples and species for wildlife conservation. The end user must provide or coat their own anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibody coated plates, in addition to assay buffer, wash buffer, substrate and stop solution. See Related Products for suitable options available.

NOTE: The 50X Concentrate Rabbit Antibody to Testosterone cannot be directly coated onto plates for EIA use. It is an unpurified serum diluted in a buffer containing proteins and detergents. The antibody WILL NOT bind to uncoated microtiter plates effectively. The end user must use plates coated with goat or donkey anti-rabbit IgG.

Kits include:

ISWE Testosterone Antibody Concentrate

ISWE Testosterone Conjugate Concentrate

Testosterone Standard

Storage Instructions

All components of this kit should be aliquoted into vials upon first thaw. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.

Store at -20°C until the expiration date of the kit.


The rabbit anti-Testosterone is supplied at a 50X concentration. An aliquot should be brought to room temperature and diluted one part with 49 parts of a suitable assay buffer. If your assay buffer has protein, detergent and preservative in it, the diluted antibody will be stable for greater than 1 month at 4°C. Please see Related Products for a suitable Assay Buffer.

The Testosterone-HRP conjugate is supplied at a 50X concentration. An aliquot should be brought to room temperature and diluted one part with 49 parts of a suitable diluent or assay buffer. If you wish to store the diluted conjugate for greater than 1 month at 4°C you should dilute it in a suitable conjugate diluent. Please see Related Materials for a suitable Conjugate Diluent.

The Testosterone standard stock is provided at 1,000 ng/mL (1,000,000 pg/mL) in a special storage solution. The solution contains an organic solvent. Prerinse the pipet tip several times to ensure accurate delivery.

NOTE: The dilution of the ISWE Mini-Kit antibody and conjugate are such that when diluted 1:50 in Assay Buffer or Conjugate Diluent and added to an Arbor Assays’ antibody coated plate, using 50 μL of sample or standards, 25 μL of conjugate and 25 μL of antibody in a 2 hour room temperature with shaking incubation, followed by Arbor Assays’ TMB as substrate, these reagents will generate approximately 1.0 OD at 450 nm. YOUR RESULTS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON A NUMBER OF VARIABLES. You will have to titer the antibody or conjugate to obtain the optimum conditions for your assay system.

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