Meet the Team

As a team, we believe in…

• Treating everything and everyone with dignity and respect • Contributing to our community
• Looking after our customers • Giving back through charitable efforts
• Working with our vendors • Recycling everything we can
• Encouraging our employees • Respecting our environment



Bobbi O’Hara, Chief Executive Officer, CEOPhoto of Bobbi

About Me: A lab rat by training and trade, Bobbi’s free time is spent with her family and many pets. She visits nursing care facilities, schools, and church with her corgi as a certified pet therapy team, and she is an avid nature lover who tries to find any excuse to get outside and connect.

Fun Fact: While science oftentimes requires exacting measurements, at home, all bets are off. Recipes are merely a suggestion and when asked to make something again, her reply is, “I’ll try!”


Research & Development

Maheeka Embogama, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)Photo of Maheeka

About Me: Maheeka is a scientist by training. She received her doctoral degree in biochemistry from Wayne State University, and her favorite areas of science also include bio-organic and analytical chemistry. She enjoys melding science and business to develop new solutions.

Fun Fact: Maheeka’s free time is spent with her family, doing creative activities, hiking, or kickboxing.


Weldon Lane, Research & Development Scientist

About Me: Weldon grew up in a small town in Georgia and started his career with a five year stint in the Air Force. Afterwards, he pursued his education in chemistry, obtaining his Bachelor’s at Valdosta State University and then his Master’s at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Outside of the lab, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, going on walks and exploring the local areas and parks, listening to music, playing old video games, and cooking.

Fun Fact: He is currently cultivating a new hobby: gardening!


Tyler Brand, Research Lab Technician

About Me: Tyler grew up in Muncie, IN and moved to Michigan after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in biology from Ball State University. His favorite areas of life sciences include biochemistry and cellular biology. When the sun is out, he’s usually cycling, hiking, climbing, or kayaking somewhere, and he has a love for nature and experiencing it in as many ways as possible.

Fun Fact: Tyler is currently training to do a century (100 mile) bike ride by the end of the summer.


Business & Finance

Heather Jackson, General ManagerPhoto of Heather

About Me: Heather has spent many years in the business field. Over the years, she has developed a real passion for helping individuals and companies secure funding and needed resources, whether that be the hundreds of homeless children and their families she has helped throughout the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area or facilitating a company’s departmental growth through improved efficiencies and stronger business connections. When she isn’t spending her free time with her family, she loves reading and creating mixed media art.

Fun Fact: Heather once zip lined on the longest zip line in South America.


Linda Gronemeyer, Finance SpecialistPhoto representing Linda

About Me: In addition to loving all things numbers, Linda loves all kinds of animals and enjoys spending time with her family.

Fun Fact: Linda regularly volunteers at a local sanctuary for cats diagnosed with feline leukemia.



Michelle Price, Finance Specialist

About Me: Born and raised in Michigan, Michelle spent her entire life in customer service and finance. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University in Business Administration, which has allowed her to wear many different hats throughout her career! When she’s not crunching numbers, Michelle loves spending her time volunteering within the community and enjoying every little bit of nature she can—being outdoors and marveling at our beautiful world is one of her biggest passions!

Fun Fact: Her favorite vacation so far was to London, where she was able to see the Crown Jewels and the Magna Carta, and where she became fascinated with the life of Henry VIII.


Sales & Marketing

Image of Erin Hilts

Erin Hilts, Account Manager

About Me: Erin grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and moved to Michigan when she married her husband in 2004. She spent 16 years in Sales and Marketing for Outreach Laboratories, and in 2017, she received her degree in digital media design and continues to have a passion for art. Erin was excited to join the Arbor Assays team in 2021. When she is not at work, she is taking care of her 3 dogs, gardening, hunting, fishing, and creating art.

Fun Fact: Erin loves all things cars. She is a muscle car and hot rod enthusiast as well as a F1 Racing and Indy Car fan.


Stacie Williams, Marketing Manager

About Me: Stacie joined Arbor Assays in 2021, and works as the Marketing Manager handling social media, product materials and website content. She moved from professional services industry with 20 years’ experience in marketing and administration.

Stacie unwinds by golfing and exploring her native state of Michigan along with her husband when she’s not working in her volunteer community.

Fun Fact: Stacie had the opportunity to help with roof repairs and disaster relief for a few weeks after Hurricane Harvey.



Customer Service

Sherry Adams, Customer Service SupervisorPhoto of Sherry

About Me: Sherry has over 20 years of customer service experience in the biotech field, and she has had the pleasure of receiving, processing, and shipping orders all over the world! Her first ever customer service job was just out of high school, where she worked in a booth at Sears, Roebuck & Co. selling “anti-fog” eyeglass cleaner. Needless to say, she cleaned many, many pairs of glasses!

Fun Fact: She traveled to Colorado to rescue a Giant Schnauzer named Xena from a horrible breeding mill, and she is the most amazingly brave girl!



Daphnir Joseph Cross, Customer Service Specialist

About Me: Daphnir joined Arbor Assays in 2021. She was born in the Caribbean and is a New Yorker at heart. She enjoys traveling, everything sci-fi, and good books across all genres.

Fun Fact:  Daphnir loves learning new languages and cultures. She is currently learning German, Chinese, and Korean, and she is teaching her daughter French, Haitian Creole, and Chinese.




Photo representing JackJack Gross, Shipping Coordinator

About Me: A Michigan native, Jack has worked at Arbor Assays for almost five years. He enjoys taking cross-country road trips, and in his free time, Jack likes to read and cook.

Fun Fact: Jack is currently learning leather working.





Mindy Arden, Manufacturing ManagerPhoto representing Mindy

About Me: Mindy graduated from Michigan State University in 1997 with a degree in Environmental Science. She worked as an environmental chemist before branching out into biotech, where she’s been ever since! She’s an avid reader, traveler, and is completely smitten with her young daughter.

Fun Fact: Mindy is obsessed with Bob Ross!



Shaun Sanderson, Manufacturing AssociatePhoto of Shaun

About Me: Though Shaun has experience in many fields, he went to school for Automotive Mechanics, Bodywork, and Engineering. After working in that profession for many years, he settled into Arbor Assays in 2019. When not working, he enjoys kayaking, fishing, hunting, camping, and spending time with his family.

Fun Fact: Shaun grew up on a dairy farm in Chelsea, Michigan.



Image StandinTBD, Manufacturing Associate

About Me: Coming Soon!

Fun Fact:  Coming Soon!





Quality Assurance

Nasrin Meraji, Quality Control TechnicianPhoto of Nasrin

About Me: Nasrin began her career as a biology teacher in Iran, where she taught for 20 years. In 2012, she and her family moved to the U.S., and she returned to college at Henry Ford College to learn English and continue her education. After two years here Nasrin began studying biotechnology for three more years, graduating in 2018 and receiving the award for the best biotechnology student in her year. After an internship with the National Science Foundation (NSF), Nasrin felt very lucky to be able to join Arbor Assays as a lab technician

Fun Fact: Nasrin recently began cultivating a rose garden, and is having so much fun gardening at her new house.


Marion Goff, Quality Control Technician

About Me: Before starting her internship with Arbor Assays, Marion was a medical interpreter and translator. She always enjoyed microbiology, chemistry, and hands-on work, so she returned to school to earn a Biotechnology Certification through Henry Ford Community College. On her days off, Marion likes spending time outdoors with her family and baking delicious desserts.

Fun fact: Marion has spent half of her life in Michigan and half of her life in France.



Our Founders

Photo of RussRuss Hart, Founder and Research & Development Scientist

 About Me: Born in England and growing up in London, Russ was a teenager during the mad, mad ’60s. He received his degree in chemistry from University College, Cardiff in Wales; his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Sussex; and conducted post docs at the University of Georgia and University of Sussex before his first gig at Abbott Labs. He’s started 3 companies, and is a self-described nerd who loves exquisite design: Products have to be packaged right and marketed with panache!

Fun Fact: Russ met Barb Scheuer at the London Diag. “It’s been downhill ever since!” he says.


Photo of BarbBarb Scheuer, Founder and Research & Development Scientist

About Me: Barb has 30+ years experience in the research, development, manufacturing, quality, and regulatory areas of immunoassays and other detection kits. She’s co-partnered in the start-up growth of two separate life science companies, and has also been involved with the management side, including HR and finance. As the saying goes: “Jack of all trades, master of none!”

Fun Fact: Barb grew up spending her free time in or on lakes, either in 70°F, or better yet, -20°F, weather. She loves to travel and meet new people, experience new cultures and food, and she loves spending time in the garden trying to fight weeds and make things look restful.


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