Because we design, develop and manufacture all of our own assay products, we would like to put our extensive experience to work for your specialized needs.  

We offer development services for:  

  • Activity-based Assays where the molecule present is detected by a readout based upon chemical or enzymatic activity.  
  • Competitive Immunoassays, where the amount of a small molecule (< 4,000 MWT) is detected by using a molecule-specific antibody to bind either the molecule in the sample or the molecule labeled with enzyme onto a solid phase.   
  • Sandwich Immunoassays, where the amount of a large molecule is detected by using two antibodies to the molecule; one to trap the molecule on the plate, the other as a method to read how much is in the sample.  
  • True ELISAs (though the term ELISA is now used more universally for all immunoassays), where an antigen is immobilized on the solid phase and antibody in the sample specific to that antigen binds and is then detected using a secondary antibody labeled with enzyme. 
  • Experienced with almost every detection and solid phase technology available, including enzyme and chemically generated colorimetric, fluorescent, chemiluminescent and bioluminescent detection. 
  • Design of project-specific antibodies, high quality custom conjugations, or the whole assay, up to and including manufacturing of any or all of these parts! 

Activity Assay Development 

Competitive Assay Development 

ELISA Assay Development 

Sandwich Assay Development 

How to get started with your idea  

  • To engage our services, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), preferably a two-way.  
  • With NDA in place, tell us everything you know about the molecule and what you want to get from the product we’re building. We need a well-defined idea of what you’d like made to allow us to complete the contractual work rapidly. 
  • Projects are carried out on a time and materials basis at a reasonable cost set after our discussion. 
  • You only pay for actual Arbor Assays scientist time, plus any special raw materials such as custom antibodies, enzymes, or outside synthetic work. You do not pay for time in connection to antibody-generation or synthesis of peptides or organic conjugates.  
  • Please contact us at contracts [at] for our input into your project. 

Some of our contract customers include…

Enzo Life Sciences

Augurex Life Sciences Corp.

Magellan Biosciences, Inc.

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