Competitive Immunoassay Development

Custom Competitive Immunoassays
For the development of a competitive assay we will carry out the development of suitable chemistry route to conjugate the antigen to a carrier protein for antibody development, and/or attach the antigen to a suitable readout system. We are experts in the development of super-fast and/or super-sensitive assays for small molecules. We can guide you on the selection of antibody sources, such as monoclonal or polyclonal and which species to consider.

Arbor Assays has identified a group of antibody service vendors that can provide high quality antibodies and are reputable. We tend to use vendors that only provide services – the use of companies that also sell antibodies to the general research public can sometimes lead to mistaken loyalties for the vendor. As the antibody for a competitive assay is the most valuable component of the assay it is imperative that it does not become openly available unless our customer decides to commercialize it. For the same reason we carry out all chemical conjugations in our facilities to ensure the confidentiality of the molecular structure being used as an immunogen. All projects with outside vendors are given a unique non-specific identifier – typically ARB-xxx to ensure confidentiality.

We will undertake as many projects or as much of a project as you wish us to undertake. We have the capacity to develop, validate and manufacture the entire assay if you so request. We are not a GMP/GLP facility at this time but the founders have worked in all of these aspects at both life sciences companies and within the FDA regulated diagnostics industry.

Notes on Services
Please remember that we are only as good as the information we receive from you, our customer. We need a well-defined idea of whet you would like made. Typically that only happens after we have a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The NDA can be either a one-way, or more preferable, a two-way version. After the NDA has been put in place you should tell us everything you know about the molecule and everything you want to get from the product we’re building. This information allows us to complete the contractual work rapidly and at least cost to you.

We typically carry out projects on a time and materials basis. After adequate discussion we can generate an assessment of the amount of time that will be required to complete the project. You only pay for actual Arbor Assays scientist time, plus any special raw materials such as custom antibodies, enzymes, or outside synthetic work. Again, please remember, you do not pay for our services when the rabbits, mice, goats or chickens are generating antibodies, or when one of our contract synthetic companies are making peptides or organic conjugates. You only pay for our work time.

Please contact us at [email protected] for our input into your project.

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