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The study of biomarkers serves as an important foundation to biomedical research across several fields. One of these markers, Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF-alpha) is a critical cytokine for understanding immune responses in animal disease models. Given this significance, Arbor Assays is excited to announce the launch of our new ELISA kit designed specifically for mouse TNF-alpha (K091-H1). This kit is an essential tool for researchers investigating immune regulation and disease in murine models. 

What is Mouse TNF-alpha? 

Mouse TNF-alpha is known for its role in inflammation and immune responses in murine models of human disease. Produced predominantly by macrophages, it’s also made by a variety of other cells like lymphocytes and fibroblasts. Its expression is tightly regulated and rapidly induced in response to stimuli, making it a highly dynamic marker in research.  

Mouse TNF-alpha’s role in disease pathogenesis, including autoimmune disorders, metabolic syndromes, and cancers, offers a direct window into translating complex disease mechanisms from murine models to human pathologies. 

Who Benefits from the Mouse TNF-alpha ELISA Kit? 

The measurement of mouse TNF-alpha is crucial for various research applications including: 

  • Immune system regulation and the role of TNF-alpha in immune cell activation. 
  • Pathophysiology of chronic inflammatory diseases where TNF-alpha is a key mediator. 
  • Cancer research, especially in studying tumor microenvironment influenced by TNF-alpha. 
  • Metabolic research focused on TNF-alpha’s influence on insulin resistance and obesity-related inflammation. 

The kit’s precision in quantifying TNF-alpha levels aids in assessing therapeutic efficacy, particularly in preclinical drug trials involving mouse models. It also enables longitudinal studies, tracking TNF-alpha levels over time, providing insights into disease progression and resolution in murine systems. This makes it indispensable not just for immunologists and biomedical scientists, but also for researchers in pharmacology and toxicology, who rely on accurate cytokine measurements in their studies. 

Why Arbor Assays is the Choice of Researchers 

Our mouse TNF-alpha kit meets the rigorous standards expected in the field. Other reasons for choosing Arbor Assays include: 

  • Employee-Owned Business: As employee owners, we are accountable to each other rather than to shareholders or investors. We are proud of our company culture, going out of our way to ensure that every customer feels taken care of and receives the high-quality assays they expect with every order. 
  • Flexible International Shipping: This ELISA kit is designed for global reach, building on our legacy of overcoming logistical challenges and ensuring that researchers everywhere have access to high-quality assays. 
  • Dedicated Support and Expertise: At Arbor Assays, we stand by our researchers. Our team provides exceptional support and expertise, guiding you through every step of your experimental journey. 
  • Proven Track Record: Our commitment to quality and reliability is echoed in our history of successful collaborations around the world. Researchers trust Arbor Assays for accurate, dependable results, even in challenging research scenarios.  

At Arbor Assays, we will continue to innovate in scientific research and provide tools that enable researchers to explore and discover. Our new ELISA kit for mouse TNF-alpha reflects our dedication to research advancement. Visit our website for more details and to begin your next project with Arbor Assays. 

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