Full consulting services for all aspects of an assay, conjugation, or antibody development project.

Involving everything from immunogen design, generating highly specific antibodies, and scale-up manufacturing of projects.

We will not attempt any projects outside our experience and knowledge – instead offering suggestions on alternatives if we are not the best choice for a project, typically free of charge.

Assay Consulting Services

Custom Assay Development

In consultation with you, we will decide upon a strategy to give you the most robust assay to measure the analyte of interest using an appropriate detection mechanism: colorimetric, fluorescent, chemiluminescent, or bioluminescent.

Development Services

Activity Assay Development

Where the molecule present is detected by a readout based upon chemical or enzymatic activity.

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Immunoassay Development

Where the amount of a small molecule (< 4,000 MW) is detected by a specific antibody binding either the molecule in the sample or the molecule labeled with enzyme onto a solid phase.

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ELISA Assay Development

Where an antigen is immobilized on the solid phase and antibody in the sample specific to that antigen binds and is then detected using a secondary antibody labeled with enzyme.

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Sandwich Immunoassay Development

Where the amount of a large molecule is detected by using two antibodies to the molecule; one to trap the molecule on the plate, and the other as a method to read how much is in the sample.

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Some of our contract customers include:

How the Process Works

Step 1: Non-disclosure Agreement
To engage our services, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Step 2: Discovery
With NDA in place, tell us everything you know about the molecule and what you want to get from the product.

Step 3: Timing, Costs, and Logistics
Projects are carried out on a time and materials basis at a reasonable cost set after our discussion.

Step 4: Fulfillment
You only pay for actual Arbor Assays scientist time, plus any special raw materials.