Custom Activity Assays

Activity-based Assays are substantially different from basic immunological assays. They utilize either a chemical change to determine the presence or amount of a particular molecule or they monitor the activity of a specific protein utilizing a novel read-out. For example, a classic method to determine the activity of Acetylcholinesterase in a sample is to measure the generation of thiocholine from acetylthiochoine. The thiocholine is traditionally measured using Ellman’s Reagent (DTNB) by the increase in color at 405nm.  In our DetectX® Acetylcholinesterase Activity Assays, K015-F1, we use a proprietary fluorophore, ThioStar® which produces a brightly fluorescent product when it reacts with thiocholine. This improves the sensitivity 10-100 fold over colorimetric methods. The basis for these assays can be difficult to manipulate to produce a measurable signal that will allow determination of the specific change of interest. In consultation with you, we will decide upon a strategy to give you the most robust assay. 

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