Assay Consulting Services

Assay Consulting Services
We offer full consulting services for all aspects of an assay, conjugation, or antibody development project. These services involve everything from the application of our knowledge of immunogen design to helping with the generation of highly avid and specific antibodies to manufacturing transfer projects. The scientists at Arbor Assays have been involved in the generation and applications of a wide array of technologies, scale ups, and assay development projects for a number of companies and industries. We will not attempt any projects that are outside our experiences and knowledge – however, we will offer suggestions, typically free of charge, on alternatives if we are not the best choice for the project.

We will undertake as many projects or as much of a project as you wish us to undertake. We have the capacity to develop, validate and manufacture the entire assay if you so request. We are not a GMP/GLP facility at this time but the founders have worked in all of these aspects at both life sciences companies and within the FDA regulated diagnostics industry.

Please contact us at contracts [at] for our input into your project.

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