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Custom Assay Development – Overview

Some of our contract customers include:

The employees of Arbor Assays have extensive experience of developing some of the best kits currently in use for the measurement of such molecules as glutathione, hydrogen peroxide, cyclic AMP, oxytocin, phosphokinases, nitric oxide, and IgG. We have developed activity based assays, where the presence of a molecule is detected by a readout based upon chemical or enzymatic activity. We also have extensive experience developing competitive immunoassays, where the amount of a small molecule (MW < 3-4,000) is determined by labeling an enzyme with the small molecule and using an antibody to the molecule to pull the labeled molecule down onto a solid phase. For large molecule assays we will use two antibodies to the molecule, one to trap the molecule on the plate, the other as a method to read how much is in the sample. In addition we also carry out real ELISA assays, where an antigen is immobilized on the solid phase and any antibody in the sample is detected using a reporter antibody labeled with an enzyme.

We are specialized in the use of almost every detection and solid phase technology available, including enzyme and chemical generated colorimetric, fluorescent, chemiluminescent, and bioluminescent means.

Our services are available for all or any part of these processes. We will design and generate antibodies for your project, we will carry out custom conjugations, and we have the expertise to develop the whole assay. We can even manufacture any or all of these parts! In the next pages we will go through the processes for Activity, Competitive, Sandwich (Immunometric), and ELISA assays.

Please visit the page or pages that relate to your project.

Activity Assay Development

Competitive Assay Development

ELISA Assay Development

Sandwich Assay Development

Notes on Services
We need a well-defined idea of what you would like made. Typically that only happens after we have a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The NDA can be either a one-way, or more preferable, a two-way version. After the NDA has been put in place you should tell us everything you know about the molecule and everything you want to get from the product we’re building. This information allows us to complete the contractual work rapidly and at least cost to you.

We typically carry out projects on a time and materials basis. After adequate discussion we can generate an assessment of the amount of time that will be required to complete the project. You only pay for actual Arbor Assays scientist time, plus any special raw materials such as custom antibodies, enzymes, or outside synthetic work. Again, please remember, you do not pay for our services when the rabbits, mice, goats or chickens are generating antibodies, or when one of our contract synthetic companies are making peptides or organic conjugates. You only pay for our work time.

Please contact us at contracts [at] for our input into your project.

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