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Custom Sample Testing Services

Our Arbor Assays scientists run thousands of assays in a year, and we’re happy to put our extensive experience to work for you analyzing your samples. We can carry out any pre-assay extractions or sample prep necessary, assay samples and provide you with either raw data or completed data analysis. Everything is customizable depending upon the nature of your samples, your experiment, your resources and your needs.

At Arbor Assays we specialize in being able to handle the most complex analytical tasks. When designing our assays we will typically test the prototypes in an array of different matrices; serum, plasma, urine, saliva, fecal extracts, among others. Our partnership with the International Society for Wildlife Endocrinology and our in-house expertise in devising methods for efficient extraction and solubilization of difficult analytes allow us to help develop methods for analysis of your samples in nonvalidated matrices.

Notes on Services
Please remember we are only as good as the information we receive. We need a well-defined idea of what you would like us to do for you. Tell us as much as you can about the nature of the experiment you want us to do, the number and types of samples we will be working with, and any knowledge or past experiences you might have relevant to the work at hand.  This information allows us to complete the contractual work as rapidly as possible and at least cost to you.

We typically carry out projects on a time and materials basis. After adequate discussion we can generate an assessment of the amount of time required to complete your specific project and provide a quote. You only pay for the Arbor Assays scientist’s time, plus any kits consumed, and special materials or reagents required to complete the work in question. If our kits will work for the analysis, with your permission, we will use them – this saves us time and you money. As all Arbor Assays kits are researched, developed, validated, manufactured and QC’d in-house we know everything about their performance.

Typical Project
The following gives you an idea about how we work with you to get your testing done.

  • The first thing we do is ask lots of questions such as:
  1. How many samples do you anticipate having and their matrix?
  2. Will these be collected all at once or over a period of time? If they are collected over time, what are those time intervals?
  3. How are the samples collected and stored?
  4. If there is an extraction what protocol is to be used and who is carrying out the protocol?
  5. Are the samples analyzed in a single assay or multiple assays?
  6. Are the samples to be saved or discarded?
  7. Will limits for reproducibility be set? We will normally repeat any samples above or below the standard curve range or where the replicates fall outside preset determinants.

      A quote is generated and, once agreed upon, a 50% upfront payment initiates the start of your project.

  • We initially test a few samples with a dilution series to determine appropriate dilutions for the remaining samples. We evaluate all the assay data with a software program designed to give 4PLC fitting analysis and the resulting sample measurements. We critically review the data for replicate precision and placement on the standard curve. Any samples with values outside of the standard range or with replicate precision not falling within the predefined range would be repeated. All experimental data is recorded and saved.
  • Upon completion of sample testing, we generate a report outlining the sample handling and testing process and attach results, in raw form and/or as a summary. Discussion and any additional information needed can be provided. Final payment is only due once you’ve received your results.

Please contact us at [email protected] for our input into your project.

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