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Italian researchers demonstrate the health benefits of chocolate consumption.

A recent study by Cavaretta et al. from the Mediterranean Neurological Institute and the University of Rome shows the effect of dark chocolate consumption on biomarkers of oxidative stress and muscle damage in a randomized controlled trial. Oxidative stress, antioxidant status, and muscle damage were assessed at baseline and after 30 days of chocolate intake. Dark chocolate intake lead to increased antioxidant power and a significant reduction in muscle damage markers in elite athletes. A parallel in vitro study also confirmed that chocolate extracts significantly decreased oxidative stress in murine myoblast cell lines. Polyphenol-rich nutrient supplementation with dark chocolate positively modulates redox status and reduced exercise-induced muscular injury biomarkers.

This study was conducted using Arbor Assay’s Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Colorimetric Detection Kit (K034-H1).

  • Use: Measure Hydrogen Peroxide in 15 Minutes
  • Sample: Fresh Urine, Buffer, TCM
  • Samples/Kit: 89 in Duplicate
  • Sensitivity: Less than 92 pmol in Sample
  • Stability: Stable 4˚C Liquid Reagents

Typical Standard Curve – H2O2 Colorimetric Detection Kit

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