A stressed out seal on the beach with a flipper on his forehead in exasperation.

Exploring the intricate dynamics of stress and its effects on living organisms is a pivotal pursuit in scientific inquiry. One crucial asset in this endeavor is a competitive enzyme -linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit designed specifically to measure corticosterone levels. Arbor Assays’ DetectX® Corticosterone ELISA Kit is one of the most precise kits on the market. What sets this kit apart and makes it indispensable for researchers and scientists? Let’s uncover the top 5 reasons to leverage this kit in your scientific endeavors. 

1. One Kit, Many Species 

Picture yourself investigating stress responses across a spectrum of species, from armadillos to zebras. Arbor Assays’ customers have demonstrated use of this kit for assessing corticosterone metabolites across 138 different species of creatures. This versatility grants you precise insights into stress physiology across the animal kingdom.  

2. Compatible With Non-Invasive Sample Types 

Ethical research practices prioritize non-invasive techniques. This kit seamlessly integrates with these principles by enabling the collection of a diverse array of sample types, including urine, respiratory vapor, feather, hair/fur, nail/claw, and fecal extracts. By avoiding invasive sampling techniques, you can ensure that your measurements accurately reflect native stress levels without introducing confounding variables. 

3. Validation and Reliability 

Scientific rigor hinges on validated and reliable methodologies. This ELISA kit has undergone rigorous validation, not only in controlled lab environments at the bench but also in the field, out at sea, and deep in the rain forest. A wide variety of both species and sample types have been tested with this kit to ensure the accuracy and dependability of the results. 

4. Precision with Low Cross-Reactivity 

Scientific accuracy demands precise measurements. This kit offers a wide dynamic range and minimal cross-reactivity with related steroids, ensuring specific and accurate quantification of corticosterone levels. Additionally, the multi-format nature of this kit empowers the scientist to tailor the assay to their specific sample. Whether you’re analyzing baseline levels or investigating stress-induced responses, this kit delivers the precision required for meaningful results.  

5. With Assay Time and Sample Volume, Sometimes Less is More 

Everyone could use a little extra time. This Corticosterone ELISA kit gives you time back in your day with a run time of 1.5h; half of the time it takes most other kits. It also can be run from as little as 1 µl of sample, unlocking the secrets from samples that may not have been able to be processed before. This flexibility offers users the ability to spend less time processing samples and more time studying the results and planning for the future. 

This ELISA kit is not merely a laboratory tool; it serves as a gateway to unlocking the intricacies of stress physiology across various species. Arbor Assays takes pride in equipping researchers like you with the tools needed to push the boundaries of scientific advancement. With the DetectX® Corticosterone ELISA Kit and other kits, Arbor Assays empowers researchers to explore the nuances of stress physiology and pave the way for groundbreaking insights.

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