Stress and Diet


It’s not a secret that diet can be part of an effective strategy for controlling stress. A healthy diet helps counter the impact of stress by boosting the immune system and lowering blood pressure. Though the importance of diet for stress reduction is well known, the mechanisms at play still require further investigation. So how does diet actually reduce stress?

recent study from Dinel et al. demonstrates how a diet rich in bioactive low-molecular weight peptides isolated from natural products effectively reduce the stress response in a mouse model of acute mild stress. In the study, mice fed a diet supplemented with fish hydrolysate showed modulation of gene expression essential for stress management and decreased corticosterone levels as measured with an ELISA kit from Arbor Assays. The authors show how bioactive peptides found in food play a critical role in regulating various biological processes, making nutritional molecules attractive candidates for innovative therapy in stress regulation and anxiety disorder treatment. Further research is warranted, but the potential benefits that a stress-reducing diet offers may be a promising strategy in addressing the growing problem of stress in our modern society.


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