Are you looking for an assay to measure Heart Failure (HF) and Cardiac Dysfunction? Arbor Assays is excited to launch our new human B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) ELISA kits (K083-H1, K083-H5), which can detect BNP and proBNP, known cardiac biomarkers for both heart failure and cardiac dysfunction.

The importance of utilizing the BNP biomarker cannot be understated, as more than 6 million adults in the United States suffer from heart failure. Diagnosis for these conditions is difficult due to late-onset symptoms after the disease has progressed severely. Symptoms of restrictive breathing (dyspnea) usually lead to an emergency room visit and the diagnosis of heart failure. Monitoring the blood levels of BNP can help evaluate the risk of heart failure for patients.

B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP [formerly known as brain natriuretic peptide]) is an important hormone that regulates blood pressure and volume. In patients with heart failure, increased heart stretch or hypoxia can trigger BNP synthesis and secretion from ventricular cardiomyocytes, as opposed to its normal constitutive release from only the atrium. Upon secretion, proBNP is cleaved into active BNP (32 amino acids), having a half-life of 20 minutes, and inactive NT-proBNP (76 amino acids), having a half-life of 90 minutes. Because BNP serum levels are greatly elevated in patients suffering from heart failure and cardiac dysfunction, this biomarker is a great addition to the diagnostic criteria for these diseases. Patients with serum concentrations greater than 100 pg/mL of BNP are very likely to suffer from heart failure or cardiac dysfunction. Not only can you determine the diagnostic outcome from this biomarker, but you can also monitor treatment efficacy for patients suffering from heart failure or cardiac dysfunction.

Assay Features

Assay Type: Sandwich ELISA

Assay Duration: 2.5 Hours

Standard Range: 1.25 – 80 pg/mL

Sensitivity: 0.31 pg/mL

Samples: Serum and EDTA Plasma

Samples/Plate: 40 samples in duplicate

Readout: Colorimetric, 450nm

BNP Standard Curve

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