Biomarker research is essential in advancing our understanding of various physiological and pathological processes. With the launch of the DetectX® Thromboxane B2 (TXB2) ELISA Kit (K092-H), Arbor Assays is proud to expand the DetectX® kit catalog to include this important biomarker. TXB2 is a key player in platelet activation and coagulation. The new kit will be an indispensable tool for researchers exploring cardiovascular health, coagulation disorders, and the effectiveness of anti-coagulant therapies. 

What is TXB2

TXB2 is an inactive metabolite of Thromboxane A2 (TXA2), and it plays an important role in platelet activation and aggregation during wound healing. Measuring TXB2 offers insights into platelet function and is particularly useful in assessing the efficacy of anti-coagulants like aspirin. Changes in TXB2 levels in biological samples like plasma, serum, and urine can be indicative of various vascular diseases and conditions. 

Who Benefits from the DetectX® TXB2 ELISA Kit? 

This kit is optimized for several research areas in inflammation and oxidative stress, including:  

  • Cardiovascular research, especially in studying platelet function and thrombosis. 
  • Evaluating anti-coagulant therapies, particularly the effectiveness of aspirin. 
  • Investigating the pathophysiology of vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. 
  • Clinical research in vascular inflammation and related disorders. 

Why Choose an Arbor Assays Kit for TXB2 Measurement? 

  • Broad Application: Validated for use in multiple sample types including plasma, serum, urine, and tissue culture media. 
  • Expert Support: Arbor Assays provides unparalleled customer support, guiding researchers through every step of their experiments. 
  • Global Availability: With kits in stock and ready-to-ship, researchers around the world can access this cutting-edge tool. 

Empowering Research with Arbor Assays 

Arbor Assays empowers researchers like you to achieve your goals with the best products and customer support available. Discover more about the DetectX® Kit product lineup on our website and take your research to the next level with Arbor Assays’ support. 

Explore the DetectX® TXB2 ELISA Kit product page.  

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