Inhibitors & Activators

Product Name Catalog #
P012-50MG 5-Azacytidine, 50 mg
P012-250MG 5-Azacytidine, 250 mg
P011-1MG Apicidin, 1 mg
P011-5MG Apicidin, 5 mg
P018-5MG BIX-01294, 5 mg
P018-25MG BIX-01294, 25 mg
P013-5MG BML-210, 5 mg
P013-25MG BML-210, 25 mg
P003-5MG BML-278, 5 mg
P003-25MG BML-278, 25 mg
P020-10MG BRL-50481, 10 mg
P020-50MG BRL-50481, 50 mg
P014-5MG C-646, 5 mg
P014-25MG C-646, 25 mg
P015-10MG Decitabine, 10 mg
P015-50MG Decitabine, 50 mg
P024-25MG DMXAA, 25MG
P005-5MG EX-527, 5 mg
P005-25MG EX-527, 25 mg
P006-5MG FK-866 HCl, 5 mg
P006-25MG FK-866 HCl, 25 mg
P017-5MG Garcinol, 5 mg
P017-25MG Garcinol, 25 mg
P023-10MG H-151, 10MG
P023-50MG H-151, 50MG
P008-10MG Hexyl-4-pentynoic acid (HPA), 10 mg
P008-50MG Hexyl-4-pentynoic acid (HPA), 50 mg
P019-100MG IBMX, 100 mg
P019-1GM IBMX, 1 gm
P022-5MG 5 mg
P022-25MG 25 mg
P007-1GM Phenylbutyrate, Na Salt, 1 gm
P009-5MG Piceatannol, 5 mg
P009-25MG Piceatannol, 25 mg
P002-100MG Resveratrol, 100 mg
P002-500MG Resveratrol, 500 mg
P004-50MG SAHA (Vorinostat ), 50 mg
P004-250MG SAHA (Vorinostat ), 250 mg
P016-5MG Sirtinol, 5 mg
P016-25MG Sirtinol, 25 mg
P001-5GM Sodium (Na) Valproate, 5 gm
X042-1EA Tranylcypromine, 1 ea
P010-1MG Trichostatin A, 1 mg
P021-10MG 10 mg
P021-50MG 50 mg

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