Recent Publications

Effects of feather processing methods on quantity of extracted corticosterone in broiler chickens

Feb 01 2021 | (SPECIES: Bird, Chicken, SAMPLE: Feather Extract)

Associated Product : Corticosterone ELISA Kit

Anti-neutrophil properties of natural gingerols in models of lupus

Dec 23 2020 | (SPECIES: Human, SAMPLE: Neutrophils)

Associated Product : Protein Kinase A (PKA) Colorimetric Activity Kit

Clinical trials of TB-HDT candidates

Dec 01 2020 | (SPECIES: Human, SAMPLE: Blood)

Associated Product : Glutathione (GSH) Colorimetric Detection Kit

Timing of food intake drives the circadian rhythm of blood pressure

Nov 24 2020 | (SPECIES: Mouse, SAMPLE: Plasma)

Associated Product : Corticosterone ELISA Kit

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